Click-to-Call Me

Click-to-Call Me is a unique RingCentral Office feature that works best for businesses that want to give their callers easy access to them. It works by embedding a clickable icon or text that automatically connects to your number. Called RingMe, you can include this link to any of your emails or website.

" This feature is very much like Click-to-Call Out, only your callers get to click on your RingCentral number, and not the other way around. I use this feature by embedding a RingMe icon in my website, promotional blogs and email. Since I started using the feature, there have been more calls from different areas in the country. Customers appreciate that they can easily connect to any of my offices. Appointments and business transactions are also set more efficiently, as clients and partners can connect to me with just a click of the mouse. "

Make it yours! Food supplements distributor

A sure way to market food supplements is by posting blog entries and setting up websites. People are continuously searching for the best medicines, food and food supplements to keep them well. By including a RingMe icon in an article promoting a food supplement, readers and blog followers are given an easy access to more information they need about the product. This can result top more sales.