Local Numbers

You can get any local number, regardless of your physical location. If most of your team or customers are in a different area, then you can get a local number for that area. This way, you are not charged long distance every time you call your office. You can get additional local numbers as needed.

"With unlimited calling from RingCentral, all of my agents around the country are able to communicate with me without worrying about long distance charges. This gives me an affordable way of always staying connected to my agents, letting me train my employees even when we are in different locations. More importantly, being able to call up anyone of my employees, both in my local area and in other locations, ensures that my staff can verify any information immediately. This is critical for leads and potential deals. I want to achieve a reputation that would help me build up my firm. RingCentral Office has definitely helped me with this. With unlimited calling, my whole team has easy access to every information they may need, at a very affordable pricing plan."

"I strategically use local numbers from RingCentral in key cities. Some of my offices have separate local numbers, in addition to my toll free number. This gives a local and familiar feel to customers, helping me establish my firm as something that people can easily access. With a local number, clients get an impression that my real estate brokers are very accustomed to the area. Based on my experiences in the real estate industry, clients prefer brokers that are knowledgeable in the area, including trends and laws governing the housing industry. Local numbers from RingCentral has helped me establish my real estate firm in all my chosen states across the country."

Make it yours! Plumbing Services

A toll free number may not work well for a plumbing service. Since it projects a big image that spans the whole country, customers may think that the service is inaccessible and takes a longer time before a plumber comes to a house. A local number, on the other hand, would be able to project a more familiar and close-to-home feel. For emergency cases that require a plumber’s attention, customers can call a plumbing service that they know is close to their location, based on the phone number that it is using.